Sharmila Nezovic sees herself as an ‘urban archaeologist’, digging at the bones of urban street-scapes.

Her practice is cross-disciplinary.

She is a contemporary, ‘conceptual artist’, gaining a reputation for transposing ideas between both her gritty abstract Paintings in oils and industrial mixed media on canvas, as well as her solo, live-art Performance work. Sharmila Nezovic
Through painting, she investigates relationships between architectural spaces and their perceived social narratives. Seeking to excavate traces of humanity within the dense urban overlay. Often the compositions expose a raw nerve, yet echo with vestiges of the familiar – & in doing so, reveal a fresh, bold perspective on who we are now, where we're up to...

Whereas, with the development of 3-dimensional works - her live-art performances - that enable her to use her body and voice as extended materials, within space and time (her 360-degree ‘canvas’), she develops rituals to explore states of being, reflecting on everyday circumstances. Also, often collaborating with composers and/or live musicians, to enhance and customise the sonic backdrop and emotional effect of each performance piece.

Nezovic’s practice explores boundaries between ‘beauty and trauma’, questioning the pervasive disconnect with the natural world. Re-seeking however, a tactile sensuality, amidst all the manufactured, urban materiality of our surrounds.

She explains her painting method as using a ‘structured-improvisation’ approach. “I am inspired by chance, random designs I come across in the streets and buildings all around – these become my starting points. Then, to play with scale; and to mix a range of industrial and discarded manufactured materials, into the paint itself, to be more authentic to those urban-scapes, directly”. While describing her performance-art rituals as, “… usually emerging from the themes that I am currently working on, in paint. The performance dimension allows me into a somatic immersion /communion with the ideas and the audience, enabling a more direct pricking of the senses in this most numb-ified era”.
Sharmila Nezovic

Her primary influences have come from many artistic innovators - from experimental dance, new music, and the radical theatre greats of the 20th century - & most especially, Abstract Expressionism.

She was born in Melbourne. And now lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Sharmila Nezovic Sharmila Nezovic
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